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HSD Indsutry
HSD Indsutry
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Specification of HSD Indsutry

Industrial Solar Oil (HSD), HSD which stands for High Speed Diesel is Diesel or Diesel Fuel Oil for diesel engines with high speed above 1000 Rpm such as Generator Sets (Genset), Heavy Equipment, Marine Vessels, Railway Locomotive Machines, Industrial Machinery, and others. Solar Industry HSD can also be used for direct combustion such as furnace burners, heating machines or dryers or dryers and steam boiler or boiler heating machines, for better and cleaner fuel. Solar The HSD industry is produced from crude oil or crude oil through a process of distillation / heating and evaporation with high pressure or atmospheric destillation.

We are PT Zut Katta Solar Selling Solution Industrial HSD, our products are superior products with quality that have been tested with international standards, prove for yourself the quality and reliability of our products, please contact us for further information

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