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Cylindrical Grinding
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Sell Cylindrical Grinding

Specification of Cylindrical Grinding

Sell ​​Cyhlpebs / Iron Cylinder Iron Ball. Processed with iron & steel material, which is cylindrical / conical from quality ingredients. Application: building material factory, cement factory, light brick, asbestos etc. We are very expert and professional.

Steel balls or iron balls are iron products and iron crafts if mixed with several metal elements where the most important content is iron and steel and other alloying elements.

grinding cylpebs are loncong iron balls such as the aqua glass shape used in the grinding media on the ball mill machine to get the desired size granules. local quality is equivalent to imported goods. Iron Products and Iron Crafts

Selling Iron Balls are available from sizes 30 x 40 mm, 35 x 40 mm and 40 x 50 mm or can be adjusted to the needs. Jumbo bag 1 ton packaging. Immediately get grinding cylpebs for your ball mill machine, contact Dian: 0813.3310.7389, or call our office number 03160018764

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