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Zut Katta Solusi

Cylindrical Grinding

PT. Zut Katta Grinding Cylinder Selling Solution, we produce Grinding Cylinders with good quality and proven hardness, our products can achieve quality products that can be relied on, with a hardness level of 52 to 56 to be able to withstand water and corrosion. The right composition of chrom and manganese to produce the best product. Available in various sizes 25x35 mm 30x35 mm 40x50 mm 45x55 mm, or other sizes according to your needs. PT. Zut Katta Solution for Selling Grinding Cylinders is used to form the outside of an object. This form of grinding is suitable for various forms of objects, as long as the object has a central axis of rotation. A Cylindrical Grinding uses an abrasive wheel that continues to rotate to cut small chips from the workpiece through a sliding deformation process.

Cylindrical grinding produces high-quality finishes and excellent accuracy and is usually a standard requirement for high accuracy parts. Cylindrical grinding can be done by crossing the surface length, or dangling cuts can be used for narrower features. For milling the center of the workpiece held between 2 centers and driven by the moving dog, or one of the ends is driven by a chuck and the other end is located in the center. For internal workpieces milling is generally held only in chuck. The alternative is centralized grinding which is discussed in the description of another process.