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Steel Ball

Selling Steel Ball

PT. Zut Katta Solusi has been producing and selling Steel Balls many years ago. With ten manufacturing sites strategically located in the main mining area, we have the flexibility and quality of products to meet the needs of modern milling operations. We sell Steel Balls that have a low level of industrial wear, providing our customers with lower overall consumption. PT. Zut Katta Steel Ball Solution for SAG, Ball and regrind applications, specifically designed to combat the main causes of ball wear.

Selling Steel Balls with mixed metal materials from several elements is processed into one suitable composition so as to create a product of iron balls and steel balls with friction power that are durable and with the latest technology, commonly applied to light brick factories, cement, gold processing and materials scour others.

Larger and more durable samples can be homogenized through the use of Steel Balls. In contrast to grinding beads, which are collections of beads in a certain size range, rounded steel balls are round and the ground is precise for a certain diameter. Selling Steel Balls made of stainless steel, tungsten carbide, or zirconium oxide. Because of its larger size, grinding balls are more suitable for grinding, while beads do not have enough mass to achieve this.

PT. Zut Katta Selling Solution for stainless steel milling balls that are available in sizes from 40,50,60 to 100 mm at different price levels while still being on par with quality. We Sell Steel Ball consisting of standard quality up to high quality or can be adjusted to the material and composition desired. Immediately get a steel ball according to your specifications and needs, and get friendly prices.