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Zut Katta Solusi (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

.PT. ZUT KATTA SOLUTION Metal Casting Center Indonesia. Companies engaged in the metal casting and related industries and industrial machinery / spare parts equipment that boast domestic products for the growth and development of industrial companies that use metal forging casting.  Presenting the creation of quality Indonesian children, Being an independent certified company, in accordance with international standards.  Continue to grow and develop towards an independent, resilient and efficient industry so that its products can compete strongly in the global market.  Providing services with credible certification oriented to customer satisfaction.  We are here to change the mind set that imported products are more in demand, becoming "LOCAL PRODUCTS MORE QUALITY AND POTENTIAL RICH IN RAW MATERIALS". MOTTO Qualitative, Quantitative and competitive for now, tomorrow, and a more credible future. PT. ZUT KATTA SOLUTION: 1. Efficiency for Sustainable Growth The national steel industry has been faced with various challenges that also influence the performance of steel casting in Indonesia. In 2017 the Company developed various strategies along with the challenges of the global market. PT, ZUT KATTA SOLUSI applies strategic and innovative steps. Efficiency for customers is not merely referring to austerity measures, but also efficiency for sustainable productivity improvement and development and industrial development. 2. PT. ZUT KATTA produces casting forging to adjust the origin of available raw materials, so that obstacles and constraints on raw materials that become a problem of competing prices are increasing, PT. ZUT KATTA SOLUSI is able to stabilize the condition. Implement Indonesian National Standards (SNI) and guarantee product quality.3. Meet all kinds of orders that require casting, with quantity according to your needs.PRODUCT LIST: 1. Iron ball 2. Steel balls 3. Chrom balls 4. Grinding Silider / Chilpebs 5. Weights (fish traps, lift weights, ship weights, forklift weights, and other heavy equipment weights) 6. Large engine spare parts, which require metal smelting (iron, steel, and stainless steel), metal castings, and metal product engineering. 7. Drainage / manhole cover, 8. Grill drains, 9. Deck drain, 10. Roof drain, 11. Floor drain, 12. Anchor ship. 13. Hot Plate 14. Unique garden chairs / chairs 15. Dragon & Traditional Pumps 16. Sports equipment (ball shotgun, ninja ball, discs, barbells etc.)


Jawa Timur , Indonesia


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